Viscient Biosciences is a San Diego-based drug discovery company utilizing multiple primary patient derived 3D liver models to discover, prosecute and develop novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of NASH. The models incorporate four key liver cell types – Hepatocytes, Stellate, Endothelial, and Kupffer – to accurately replicate the fibrosis pathology of NASH, as reviewed by a clinical pathologist. Other models lack fidelity to true human disease.  We are in early stages, having identified potential targets that have clear novelty. We are currently seeking preclinical partnerships on identified targets and strategic collaborations in therapeutic areas outside of NASH. 

 Our strong expertise is cutting edge 3D tissue models of disease: 

  • how to build clinically relevant 3D tissue models

  • determining where they add value compared to current technology

  • finding novel biology and novel targets

  • integrating 3D across the discovery platform from primary screens to final pharmacology model

  • integrating cutting edge analytical methods to get the most out of 3D (single cell sequencing, confocal microscopy, top biomarker technology)


Viscient’s achievements since inception:

  • Established multiple proprietary disease models for disease understanding and target ID

       - Demonstrated that NASH patient cells provide powerful disease replication

       - Models accurately demonstrate the fibrotic phenotype seen in human NASH

       - Identification of specific cell types capable of driving disease

       - Identification of potential targets with clear novelty

       - Developed working higher throughput model with potential for screening

       - Married 3D models with cutting edge gene expression sequencing & biomarker technology


  • Keith Murphy – Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer – Founder and CEO, Organovo (co-invented premier bioprinting technology).  Amgen 10 years – 4 years as Global Operations Leader on Prolia/Xgeva. 

  • Jeff Miner, PhD – Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer – 25 yrs. R&D leadership at Ligand Pharma, Ardea Biosciences and most recently, Exec. Director – AstraZeneca, which acquired Ardea.  

  • Ardea discovery team – Our R&D team is largely comprised of Jeff’s top lieutenants from Ardea/AstraZeneca, each with decades of experience at Takeda, Pfizer, Ligand, Ionis, etc.


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